1A’s First week

Hi everyone!

Welcome to 2019. It has been a big week for all of us.

We’ve been learning about our school values. Our school values are:

“Respect.” – Hamza

“Responsibility” – Jamil

“Teamwork” – Theo

“Achievement” – Hamza H

We have thinking about what we can do to show our school values. Here we were working in groups to list what to do to show respect in different school spaces.


“We can be quiet when we are moving through the school during learning time so we don’t distract anybody else.” – Antonio

“In the library we use a book marker when we want to look at a book so we know where it goes.” – Juliana

On Tuesday it was Safer Internet Day. “We learned about how to be safe when we are using the internet.” – Arjun

“We always need to ask mum or dad before using the internet.” – Lourd


We practised counting and did some maths all about us to discover numbers linked to our identity.

“We all had different answers because some of us have dogs or cats and some of us don’t.” – Elizabetta

We also traced our feet, then measured how long they are using unifix. We discovered that some of have the same size feet and some of us have different feet.

It has been a busy week, but we are super excited about the learning we are going to do together this year!

Safer Internet Day in 1C

Dear families from 1C,

Yesterday we learned how to do things safely on the internet.

We read a Magda and Mo online book in which we had to make safe online choices. Then we watched a video from ‘Hector’s world’ about keeping our personal information safe.

After this, we made something to teach others how to be safe online. Some of us used Book Creator:

We learned to:

  1. Keep our passwords secret
  2. Keep your name and address secret
  3. Look after our ipads
  4. Always ask our parents if we can go on the internet
  5. Type “for kids” when searching online
  6. Tell our parents if someone is rude to us on the internet

We also wrote the expectations for using our iPads responsibly in 1C. Our school has expectations for learning in a digital environment, too:

Can you help us stay safe online?

Thank you!

1C and Mrs Phillips

Welcome to 1F :)

Hello everyone,

We are 1F. We have had so much fun in the first couple of days of school.


Here are some of the things we have done so far.  We have:

“Made our class promises”- Zach

“Played the inside out emotions game” – Omar

“Made posters of our favourite things” – Viraj

“Played the zombie game” – Amreet

“Made portraits of our friends”- Ethan

“Drawn our favourite iPad games” – Aadiv (on ‘Safer internet Day’)

“Received house points. YAY!”- Harjot

Gone to PE- “We had so much fun running around”- Aylin

Made new friends- “I love all the friends I have made”- Gurjaap

“But most of all we HAD FUN!!!”- Rossie

We cannot wait to share everything we do this year in 1F.





Hi Everyone,

We are 1H and we are very excited to do our first blog post for 2019!

As we are getting to know each other and working as a team to set up a wonderful classroom for our learning, we each shared a wish for our classroom. We identified what we would like our classroom to look, feel and sound like,

“I wish for a clean classroom” – Jamil

“I wish my class is special” – Avneet

“I wish for our class to look beautiful” – Margie

“I wish to have an exciting classroom” – Elizabeth

“I wish the classroom is clean” – Ada

“I wish for a calm and quiet classroom” – Sanya

” I wish to have celebrations in our classroom” – Lakshay

What do you wish for in a classroom?

Please leave a comment 🙂


Safer Internet Day

Dear parents and carers,

Today was Safer Internet Day. We watched Hector’s World and learned about how to stay safe online. We made information products to teach people how to be safe on the internet.

“We don’t give our phone number or email or full name to strangers.” – Hamza

“Don’t give your address to strangers.” – Anhad

“We were writing about places to search on the iPad. ” – Fatima

“Kids can look at things that they don’t know that are appropriate.” – Araina

“I was looking at Big W.” – Efe

“I went to Luna Park. There are so many big rides.” – Jot

Here are some excellent drawings of places we visited on the internet:

“We used Safari to find words.” – Farida

“I was looking for a water park in photos in Google.” – Waris

“We had to find words that were not on the dictionary.” – Junior


We had fun!

Please leave a comment to let us know your thoughts.

From Grade 1D and Mrs Mladenis

Attention Global2 users: Department-funding for Global2 is being discontinued.

The Department of Education and Training will not be funding the use of Global2 past the end of the current contract on 31st of December 2020.

Please refer to FUSE for further details on the discontinuation of funding and transition options available for schools.

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