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This term we have learnt to weave using wool and cardboard to make a basket. We discovered that you need to have odd numbers of a warp to weave a weft. The warp is the part that you weave onto and these lines go up and down and the weft is our wool which goes across the warp. It was really challenging but we got our basket finished in time for Easter to fill with chocolate eggs. We hope you like them and hope you all have a go at making one at home.

Exploring Western Desert Art

In term 1 we have been exploring Western Desert Indigenous dot painting to create a community artwork for our garden. Many of the paintings we explored represented landscapes and were created using the colours of the desert. We used paint markers and black paint to design our rocks and we use bright colours which are a bit different to the colours used in Western Desert Art. we loved making these and we hope you enjoy seeing them soon in the garden bed at the front of the school where we will be displaying them.


Pinch pots with patterns

During semester 2 in Art we have been working with clay to make pinch pots. We had a great time making the pinch pots even though it was a little bit hard but we showed teamwork by helping each other to complete them. When they were finally made we explored patterns an geometric designs to paint them with acrylic paint. It was challenging to paint with such small brushes but we think we did an excellent job

Survival- Animals

This year in 1&2 Art classes we have explored the idea of survival by looking at animals and how they survive in their environment. We have learnt so much and we have created some amazing pictures that we wanted to share with you. We even illustrated a book about a penguin who got caught in fishing rope. We hope you come and see our spectacular work at the Aitken Creek Learning Journey Showcase next week.


Who We Are: We Are Artists!

On the 14th of March, Aitken Creek Primary School held a ‘Collaborative Art Project’ to celebrate “Who We Are: We Are Artists!” We had a great attendance for the event and were excited to see our families and parents creating art with us and showing off their creative talents! It was such a nice opportunity for us to connect with each other and The Arts!

We continued our project over the next few weeks during our Art sessions, so that everyone in the community had an opportunity to contribute and to explore our artistic skills. What did we learn from this event? That we are all artists!

Our display is now up, and continuing to grow. We are impressed by the uniqueness of everyone’s piece and we can really learn a lot about our schools identities as we explore the individual artworks and connect them together.

Thank you to everyone that attended. We hope you have the opportunity to check out our display near the school library.