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Grade 1 – Term 4 Spanish – Mr Pablo

Since we are soon to become Grade 2’s, we’ve started learning how to say and write what we like and dislike in Spanish. We’ve enjoyed using all the colourful and attention-grabbing displays in our Spanish classroom to state and write in our books what we like and dislike. We can’t wait to research our very own personal likes and share these before the class and also our families as Term 4 progresses.

‘I enjoyed doing the competitive game’ – Anahira (1E)

‘I’ve enjoyed re-learning the body parts in Spanish’ – Seth (1E)

Grade 1 – Term 3 Spanish – Mr Pablo

Grade 1:

In Spanish for Term 3, we Grade 1s  have continued to build on our knowledge of animals by learning and revisiting how to say a variety of animals in Spanish. We’ve also continued to use the knowledge we learnt in Term 1 about the different body parts and also numbers by identifying how many specific body parts certain animals have. We can’t wait for the learning that will take place throughout the rest of Term 3.

‘Learning about animals is fun’ – Savannah  (1B)

‘I learnt how to say animals in Spanish. I had lots of fun writing them down later in my book’ –Nedim  (1E)


Grade 1 – Spanish Term 2 overview

During term 2,  Grade 1 students used their previous knowledge about numbers in Spanish to communicate their age using modelled language. Throughout the term, they learnt to convey their name as well in a variety of classroom activities.

In term 2, they continued learning about numbers from 1 to 10, but not only to say them but also to read and write them in Spanish. Additionally, it was reinforced their understanding of colours and body parts which was firstly introduced in Term 1.

Enjoy some of the pieces of beautiful work carried out by the students over the term.

Grade 1 – Term 2 Spanish – Mr Pablo

In Spanish for Term 2, we Grade 1s have started revising and expanding our knowledge of colours and numbers. This has involved playing games that require us to use our knowledge on both of these topics at the same time, while also learning to say a colour differently compared to last year. This has impressed onto our intelligent minds that different cultures around the world say some words differently.

‘I enjoyed playing a competitive game to help me learn’ Issa – (1A)

‘I’ve been enjoying learning about all the many colours that there are’ – Sam (1B)

‘We’ve been re-learning numbers and also colours’ – Aylin (1F)

‘I enjoyed the game which had a jar in the middle of a circle’ – Gulnaz (1E)

Health & Physical Education

Hi all,

This term we are focussing our learning on various team games including relay races, egg and spoon races, jumping sack relays and team tag tiggy. When participating in these games we will be linking our learning to the school values of respect, achievement, teamwork and responsibility. Later in the term we will be participating in the Prep – Year 2 Athletics Day. Can’t wait!


Mr Muscari