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This term we have learnt to weave using wool and cardboard to make a basket. We discovered that you need to have odd numbers of a warp to weave a weft. The warp is the part that you weave onto and these lines go up and down and the weft is our wool which goes across the warp. It was really challenging but we got our basket finished in time for Easter to fill with chocolate eggs. We hope you like them and hope you all have a go at making one at home.

Exploring Western Desert Art

In term 1 we have been exploring Western Desert Indigenous dot painting to create a community artwork for our garden. Many of the paintings we explored represented landscapes and were created using the colours of the desert. We used paint markers and black paint to design our rocks and we use bright colours which are a bit different to the colours used in Western Desert Art. we loved making these and we hope you enjoy seeing them soon in the garden bed at the front of the school where we will be displaying them.


Health & Physical Education

Hi all,

This term we are focussing our learning on various team games including relay races, egg and spoon races, jumping sack relays and team tag tiggy. When participating in these games we will be linking our learning to the school values of respect, achievement, teamwork and responsibility. Later in the term we will be participating in the Prep – Year 2 Athletics Day. Can’t wait!


Mr Muscari