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ACGN is back for Term 4!

Good morning! And congratulations to all for making it to the end of our first week back on site!

This week, Aitken Creek Good News has some student and staff reflections about returning to school and remote learning. And even more exciting – we filmed on site!

Please enjoy Episode 1 of ACGN 🙂




ACGN Term 3 Holiday episode

Our School Captains have been busy these school holidays and created a special holiday episode of ACGN. Scripted and filmed entirely by the School Captains during their holidays – even the editing was taken over by them!

In this episode, our Captains share what they have been up to these holidays now restrictions are slowly being lifted and the weather is getting warmer.

What have you been up to these holidays? Share with us on our blog post or school Facebook page!

See you soon for Term 4!

Episode 6 of ACGN is here!

Episode 6 shares some feedback we have received from students and teachers – we hope you feel that ACGN brightens your day as well! If it does, let us know by emailing Ms Huntly or giving your teacher a comment or video to pass onto the ACGN team. These will continue to be shared in other episodes!

We also showcase our Student Leaders who want to share some good spirits by declaring “Everything Is Awesome” and some Year 4 teachers and ES who demonstrate some very complicated dance steps!

Thanks for watching! And as always, stay safe and stay positive!

~ Your School Captains



ACGN Episode 5

Here it is – episode 5 of ACGN!

We couldn’t let this week finish without our dose of Aitken Creek Good News.

Has Aitken Creek Good News brightened your day or week? Let us know by sending us a short selfie video or even just a written comment explaining how ACGN brightens your day or makes you feel good. We will be featuring this feedback over the next few episodes – you could be on the next ACGN! (Send these through your teacher on Showbie – make sure you have your parents permission to send the video for privacy reasons)

Enjoy episode 5!

~ School Captains & Ms Huntly

1H and Remote Learning!

Hi everyone!

We are back doing remote learning in Term 3!  We are super excited to share with you some of the learning that has been happening during our first few weeks of school.

For literacy,  we have been investigating Procedural Texts and how to ask Questions in order to find out more information!

  • Procedural Texts: We have been learning about the different features of a procedural text and why we would need to use one! For one of our lessons, we were able to show our understanding by taking photos of ourselves following the procedural text called ‘How to wash your hands’.


  • Questioning: We  have been learning about the different ways we could ask questions when we need to find out more information.


For maths, we have been focusing on Addition and Subtraction and Skip Counting!

  • Addition and Subtraction: We have been learning about the many strategies we could use, to find out the answer to an addition or subtraction problem.


  • Skip Counting: We have been learning to count large amounts by choosing a skip counting method! Skip counting allows us to count things more quickly and accurately.


For CBL we have been introduced to Power and all the various meanings of Power! Some of us have even tried designing and creating objects that involve Power!



We are so glad we get to share our learning with you all! Feel free to ask us any questions about any of our learning! OR feel free to answer some of ours 🙂

Stay safe everyone!

From Miss Lo Piccolo and all of 1H!