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CBL Challenge

Dear Parents,

In CBL this term we have been learning about change. As part of our learning we have defined the word change, we have looked at what can change, the effect change can have on the environment and looked at how and why things change. We then looked at how we can create a positive change and our challenge is to make a positive change. As part of our solution to our challenge, we as a class, have decided to make t-shirt bags, bracelets, skipping ropes and a parachute. To help us, could you please provide a t-shirt (one that you don’t mind being cut up), no later than Friday this week.

Thank you 🙂

1F and Questioning

Hi Everyone,

The grade 1’s have been learning about questioning in both their reading and writing over the last few weeks. They have learnt to use question starters like; who, what, when, where, why and how.

As we have been at home and have been missing our friends, we thought we would use our new knowledge of questioning to write our friends a letter.

We hope you enjoy our writing 🙂

Mrs Mason & 1F

Our New Way of Learning

Hi Everyone and welcome to our new way of learning for Term 2! As we move onto online learning, things will look a little bit different in our new classrooms at home. 1F has been doing an amazing job of using Showbie and accessing all their learning for the week.

This week we have been looking at collecting data for maths, learning about kindness, doing some play based activities with the other grade 1 teachers and retelling stories to our teddies.

We also looked at the people in our school community that we might be missing and how we could communicate with them. We thought it would be a great idea to use our class blog to send out messages to the people in our school community that we have been missing.

Hello Miss HB, I miss you. I could not see you for a long time. Hope i see you soon. – Armaan

Hello Mr Muscari, How are you? I love you. I hope you love me to. Can i play with you – Shorya

Good Morning Miss Mason, I miss you. You are the best teacher. You are a nice teacher – Isabella

Hi Jacinta, I miss having you in the same class with me. I hope you are keeping well at home – Angelina

Hello 1F, I hope everybody is keeping safe. I miss coming to school and i miss my teacher and friends – Angeletta

Hello Ms Brown, I miss you so much. Thank you for being a great teacher. I love you – Yavuz

Hello Mrs Stewart, I love your hair. You Look beautiful. How are you? Bye – Grace

Hello Vinca, How are you? I miss playing with you because you are my best friend. I hope you enjoy you holiday – Mirai

Hello Mrs Jelsie, Is your holiday fun? I miss you helping me with reading and writing – Eyyup

Hi Ayaan, I hope you are enjoying online school. I am waiting cor covid-19 to stop so i can play with you – Vihaan

Hello Remzi, I miss you. I hope you have a good day. You are fun Remzi. I will make you something – Prisha

Hi Isabella, I miss your face. Your a great friend and can not wait to see you – Begum

Hi Yavuz – how are you. I hope your ok and miss you. – Remzi

Hi Vihaan, I hope you are enjoying your holidays. I really miss you. Hope i see you soon – Armaan


We’d love to hear back from anyone who got a message!

Learning in 1F

Over the last few weeks 1F has been looking at information reports and learning about the different features. Students have been writing sentences about some of the animals they know a lot about and trying their best to come up with more than 1 sentence.

We have discussed what is a fact and what is an opinion and wrote a fact and opinion about different topics we have explored over the last few weeks:

“An opinion is something that you think” – Vihaan

“A fact is something that is true” – Ayaan

“An opinion means we can disagree” – Sukhreet

This week the year 1 children celebrated harmony week. It is a great time to celebrate Australian multiculturalism. Children started the week by listening to ‘I’m Australian Too’ by Mem Fox. The message of harmony week is that no matter where we come from, ‘everyone belongs’. Children traced their own hand and chose colours that represent them as individuals. Each class created a display with the students designs to show that we are all unique and are part of the community.

Today is also the National Day of Action Against Bullying. Students watched a video about an alien named Allen and explored the concepts of emotions and social behaviours. This video will help us to build relationships with others and will help to support positive peer interactions.  Students demonstrated their understanding of this by using puppets to practice using different language to invite other to play or to ask to join in.


In CBL our focus has been about communities and creating a community of respect. The students this week, created a family portrait focussing on ensuring their artwork reflects their families respectfully:

“I should make my mum and dad happy and my brother happy too” – Talia

“We can draw them neatly to show respect” – Prisha

“Its great!” – Antonius

Thank you for reading all about our learning!


Welcome to 1F

Welcome to grade 1! We have been so excited to come back to school and start our learning.

With so many new friends in our class, we decided to play some get to know you games to help us remember our new friends names. Playing the game, Dracula, the students have loved learning each others names with the added fun of a time limit!

We have also voted on a class mascot! We would love to  introduce you to Mr Fluffy Fox. The students will get to take him home over the year with his own book to fill in all the fun things they did with him over the weekend.

We Are Mathematicians

Hi again,

Over the past two weeks we have been working really hard to be great mathematicians.

We have explored how to share things equally between different groups and what happens if they have some left over (remainders).

‘I’m using the blocks to make sure i’ve shared them with all of them’ – Efe

‘There are some left over, so i’m going to put these to the side’ – Sanjam

We have also been exploring capacity and working out which container has a greater capacity. The students predicted which would hold more, before using cups to fill each container, deciding if their prediction was correct or not. They made some great observations in the process:

‘This container is thin but hold more than the fat one’ – Jacob

‘My container (round) holds more than that one (square)’ – Waseem


Welcome Back!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome back to Term 4! We have been doing so much learning over the last two weeks and want to share some of it with you.

This term, grade one’s are exploring Environment in CBL. We have been watching an amazing video that displays the different environments around us, some of the problems in those environments and what we can do to help. Last week while we watched our video, the students received four icey pole sticks that represented our 4 Zones of Regulation. The students then shared their feelings for different areas in the video by holding their coloured sticks up in the air.

We have looked at our suburb of Craigieburn and the different environments that are important to us. The students compared their pictures to others in the classroom and noticed that different environments are important to different people.

This week our class teamed up with their buddies for a fun social and emotional activity that explored different ways we can deal with some of our emotions. The students loved creating this chatterbox and demonstrated the school values while they were completing this activity.

In math we have been looking at length and how to measure things. The students have utilised the resources around the room to help them, first comparing two different objects before moving onto measuring and ordering four different object.

1D learning

Hi Families,

This week was esmart week and to promote student awareness about being safe online we worked together with our buddies to create our own esmart super hero.

‘My super hero is a pumpkin cat and he tells you to be respectful online’ – Araina

‘Our superhero’s message says that we shouldn’t give out any of our details’ – Sehajnoor

‘My superhero is a minion’ – Waseem

‘Mine is deadpool. He says we shouldn’t share our address or phone number’ – Jacob

We have also been spending lots of time on our innovations and we cant wait to show everyone what we have been doing!

1D’s Learning

Hi All,

This week was book week and we enjoyed reading some of the amazing books that were shortlisted! As we were reading this week, we focused on making predictions, using the title and pictures to help us. We then looked at how we can check if our predictions are correct and if we need to change our predictions as we are reading.
Tuesday was dress up day at school where we dressed up as our favourite characters. 1D did an amazing job of dressing up and there were some amazing costumes on display during our parade!

Last week we had our trip to Bundoora Farm! The morning of the excursion we were pretty excited to begin our day and the students couldn’t wait to get on the bus. Once at Bundoora Farm, students were able to explore a variety of different older things, from an old printing press to exploring what it would be like at a school in the olden days.

We first explored what life would be like in an old cottage where the students were able to explore what life would have been like as young boys and girls without electricity or running water.

“Why did just the girls have to do the washing?” – Sehaj

“That’s not fair!” – Arshpreet

“That’s disgusting!” – Hamza – referring to the outhouse

Next we explored the old school and learnt that boys and girls had to make two lines before they were inspected to make sure they were clean. The boys would then let the girls go first into the classroom. While there, the children learnt about the different rules they had in school a long time ago and learnt to write with a calligraphy pen that they dipped in ink:

“These are hard to use” – Jacob

“Can we get these for our school?” – Azlan

We then explored some games that were played a long time ago. This included hula hoops made from bamboo, skittles, boot toss and a few others.

“These are like our hula hoops at school!” – Farida

After this is was time to go and explore an old printing press and learn how they used these.

“That would take forever! How did they keep going?” – Junior

Finally we got to meet Graham and his lovely horse, Ben. They took us on a trip around the farm and taught us about how people used to get around in the old days without cars!

We had an amazing time on our excursion. It has prompted some great questions from the students which has made them even more curious about olden day things!

From 1D

Weeks 3&4 CBL

The last two weeks have seen the children exploring the history of some of the objects that have been curious about.
This seemed to prompt many of the students to have more wonderings and created more ideas and thoughts, which they recorded in their curiosity journals.

  • ‘How did they make the first video game?’ – Waseem
  • ‘How was the first sewing machine made?’ – Hamza
  • ‘How long did it take to make the first phone?’ – Arshpreet
  • ‘Why did they make the first movie?’ – Fatima

The students also looked at a video about young inventors. Sharing their thoughts on the people the saw and their own feelings, the students expressed that they were excited and hopeful that maybe one day they could also invent something. While discussing their thoughts with their friends, some students discussed their own ideas for inventions.

  • ‘How did someone so sick, invent something?’ – Gurveer
  • ‘I want to be an inventor like the young inventors we saw in the video’ – Waris
  • ‘I want to try to make a video game’ – Jacob