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Term 3 in 1G!

And just like that Term 3 is finished. We have had an awesome Term, learning from home and have tried our best with all of our learning. We learnt about so many different things this term.


In literacy this term we have been learning all about procedural texts and fables. We learnt the structure of procedural texts and also that great procedural texts contain verbs and adverbs. Then we had a go at writing our own texts about a lunch we made ourselves. We have just started learning about fables and how every fable has a moral.


We have covered so many things in maths this term. We have learnt about skip counting, measurement, money, patterns, halves and we’re even starting to learn about time. It has been great to try lots of different things to help our brains get smarter and smarter.


CBL has been lots of fun this term. We have been learning about all of the different types of power and how we use power every day. We even became engineers, designing and building our own designs that use power.

Well-being Friday’s

In the last few weeks we have started doing some wellbeing activities each Friday to practice self regulation and good wellbeing activities. We have reflected  on our strengths and have been able to monitor how we are feeling throughout the day. We have also done some really fun activities over WebEx like today’s cooking activity.

Have a safe and fun holiday.

From 1G!

1G’s Curious Questions

For the past few weeks 1G has been learning all about how to ask questions, both about their books and to other people. We have been focusing on using questions starters such as who, what, when, where, why, is and how. This week we wanted to write a letter to someone in our school community and ask them questions about their remote learning experiences.


We hope that everyone is staying safe at home and that you enjoyed our writing today.

Don’t forget to leave us a comment if you have any questions for us.

From 1G!

Welcome back to Remote Learning in 1G!

Well here we go again. 1G is back on Showbie and ready for remote learning. We consider ourselves experts at remote learning now and, even though we are sad that we don’t get to see our friends at school, we are prepared an excited for new learning experiences.

This remote learning we are lucky because we finally get to use WebEx! Everyone is so excited to see their friends online and play some games.

Another fun thing we have been doing is learning about procedural texts. We learnt that the purpose of a procedural text was to teach us something and all week we followed different procedural texts to learn different skills. We learnt how to play a new app, make an origami frog, draw different pictures, make a sandwich and some of us even had a go at making a volcano!

This Term in CBL we have been focusing on exploring Power. We’ve had a look around our house and found things that need power to work. We’ve started to explore different types of power and have been using our Powerful Thinking Journals to record our ideas.

Lots of fun things have been happening in 1G. What have you been doing at home to have fun? Do you have anything powerful at your house? Let us know by leaving a comment.

We can’t wait to keep sharing our learning with you this Term.    From 1G



Celebrating 1G’s Learning!

We have reached our last week of Home Learning! Well done to all of the students in 1G who have tried their hardest with their distance learning and I am very proud with all of their hard work.

Last week we took some time in writing to reflect on our learning and share some work that we are proud of. Have a look at the images and captions below to hear what the students of 1G are most proud of.

What amazing work and great effort from 1G! We can’t wait to head back to school and continue our learning in the classroom.

Feel free to add a comment if you want to celebrate some of our awesome learning and hard work.

Term 2 in 1G!

Hi everyone. Term 2 is looking a little bit different this year as we distance learning so we can all stay safe. Everyone in 1G has been doing a great job at using Showbie to learn online. Some of our favourite activities from this week have been collecting data on M&M’s, doing yoga with Mrs Grey, writing about kindness and drawing the beginning, middle and ends of our stories to help us retell.

This week we were thinking about our school community and how it is difficult to talk and connect with people we can’t see. We thought it would be a good idea to use our blog to send messages to people in our community that we miss seeing and taking to.

Hi Mrs Izzah, I hope you had a good holiday. How are you feeling? I miss you a lot. From Anishka

Hello Mrs Izzah, I hope you’re having a great holiday and how are you feeling and stay safe. From Avni

Hello Mrs Izzah, How are you today? I miss you. Have a nice day. From Christine

Hello Viraj, You are smart. You are very talented. From Danny

Hello Goerge. I hope you had a good holidays. How are you? From Devarshi

To Miss Beattie. I hope you had a good holiday. How are you? From Emma

Hi Mrs Stewart, I hope you had a good holidays. How are you? I miss you. From Goerge

Hi Anishka, How are you? I hope you have a great day. Enjoy home learning. From Juh

Hello Miss C, I love playing PE with my friends  and when we play games. I think you are a really good PE teacher. How are you? From Lily

Hello Mrs Izzah, I haven’t seen you for a long time. I hope you’re having good holidays. Please stay inside, stay safe. We are doing online learning class with Miss Moloney and it’s interesting. How are you. From Manmeet

Dear Mrs Beattie, you have a great holiday. How are you? From Masa

Hello Miss Rosic, I hope you’re having a good holidays. From Sarah

Hello Miss HB, How are you feeling today? I can’t wait for art class. From Shazelle

Hello Mr Hai, I hope you enjoyed your holiday. I like how you connect the internet to iPads. From Talha

Hi Miss Moloney. How was your holiday?. I love you and I miss you. From Valentina

Hello Mrs Beattie, how are you? How is your baby? From Zachary.

If you got a note today or wanted to leave a message for someone in 1G we would love for you to leave a comment down below.

Our first week in 1G!!!

Hi everyone! Welcome to 1G’s first blog post. This week we have been really excited to get back school, see our old friends and make some new ones.

In our first two weeks we have been focusing on the school value of respect and how we can show this in and around our school. We have modeled, drawn and written about this value to create our first class book.

We have also been doing lots of fun getting to know you activities so we can learn about our new classmates.

Introducing Thomas the Tiger!!! I’m sure you have all heard by now but we have a new class mascot. His name is Thomas and he is very excited to be a part of our class. Thomas will be going home with a new student every weekend and will report back on his adventures on Monday.

Here are some of our favourite moments from the first 2 weeks of Grade 1!

“I liked choosing the mascot” – Juh

“I liked when we picked the mascot” – Shazelle

“I liked seeing all my old friends and making new friends” – Emma

“I liked taking the picture with the mascot and feeling the mascot” – Lily

“I liked taking photo’s” – Valentina

“I liked playing with the beebots” – Viraj

“I liked when we were doing the cup challenge” – Tiyam

“I liked holding the mascot. It was so fluffy” – Danny

“I liked the day that the mascot came” – Anishka

“My favourite part was coming to school” – Masa

“My favourite part was the beebots” – Jahnavi

“My favourite was the first day of grade 1” – Avni

“My favourite part was was the beebots because it was fun” – Talha

“I liked writing because it was fun. I wrote about me” – Sarah

“I liked playing with my friends” – Devarshi

“My favourite part was to play the outside games” – Manmeet

“My favourite day was the 2nd day of school because we went to art” – Goerge

Thank you for reading our first blog post.

From 1G

Problems in our Environment

As part of our CBL learning, we have been exploring some different problems that are happening in our environment. We started by looking at bush fire problems in NSW. We read a news paper article about the bush fires and how it is impacting the environment.

Next we looked at Uluru. The problem is that everyone keeps walking on Uluru. Too many people walking on Uluru causes the rock to brake and people keep littering when they climb up it. Most importantly it is a special place to Indigenous Australians. They ask that we respect their culture and don’t climb on Uluru anymore.

“There’s so many bush fires happening right now” – Armani

“Uluru should not be something people climb because it is disrespectful” – Sam

“Fires keep happening so we need to save water so the firemen can put the fire out” – Marc

“They had to move all the horses away from the fire” – Maram

“The have to keep the people and animals away from the fires so they can protect them” – Suhas

“The bush fires are happening in New South Wales” – Vanshika

Check out some of our persuasive writing about problems in our environment!


Thanks for reading!


CBL Learning in 1B

In CBL we have been learning how to use the internet to safely and responsibly research information. We all chose a place we were curious about and used key words and safe searching to find information. Using our information we created shoe box diorama, using natural and craft materials to show our habitats.

  • “Environments can be places where things operate or live” – Zander
  • “The ocean is light at the top and dark at the bottom” – Mars
  • “There are lots of animals in the rain forest such as monkeys and cheetahs” – Sanaree
  • “In the savanna all the plant aren’t getting water so they die” – Sam

We have also been investigating problems in the environment. Together we read ‘The Lorax’ by Dr Seuss. In the story, the Onceler cut down all of the Truffla Tree’s to create ‘Thneeds’, he kept cutting until no trees were left. We realised that this wasn’t just happening in the book but also in real life.

We began thinking about different problems in our environment, such as littering and wasting water, and how we can help to fix them.

  • “People are cutting down trees and to help the problem we can grow another one” – Beray
  • “People are littering and we can pick up the rubbish so we can make the earth clean” – Vanshika
  • “People are kicking rocks and there might be ants on it and we might be killing all of the ants” – Taylan
  • “Throwing rocks in the ocean because it might hit the fish or animals and they might get hurt” – Rabani


Hi everyone!

The past few weeks in maths we have been learning all about measurement.

We started off by exploring lengths of different objects using informal units. We compared objects around the classroom the see which was bigger or smaller and then used classroom objects to measure.

Next we investigated mass. We used hefting to decide which objects were heavy and light. We explored how the size and material used to make an object doesn’t mean that it is heavier and lighter than another. “The big paper is bigger than the book but the book is heavier” – Sam

Lastly we learnt about capacity.That means how much an object can hold. We started our instigation by going to the sandpit and comparing the capacity of different containers.

CBL Solutions!

‘Let your curiosity inspire you!’

This was our challenge in Term 3 as we explored old games and toys. We all chose a toy or game we were curious about and thought of how we can improve and innovate.

We made a board game because we were curious about how many types of board games there are. We used cardboard, paper, tape and texta’s. To win the game you need to reach 3000. We are proud of how we made our game because it turned out really nice. We are also proud of the colours because it is really colourful and that makes people want to play our game.

– Eshveen, Sanaree, Makayla and Beray

We created a game on the iPad. It was called the jungle hunt. We were curious about creating a new game in the iPad. We were proud of the game we created because our character turns invisible and you can collect a lot of coins.

– Suhas and Arjun

We made a board game called spiders and magic shapes. We were curious because we wanted to make snakes and ladders cooler. We used glue sticks, ribbons, paper, cardboard and more! You have to try and reach 38 and win the game. If you win you get a prize. We are proud of our prize because it looks cool.

– Rabani, Sehaj and Maram

We made a teddy bear wearing a web shooter and holding a basketball. We were curious about how to make a teddy hold something. We made it with fabric, a pin, stuffing, wool and texta’s. You hug it and it is really soft. We’re very proud of the colour’s and how well we sewed it together.

– Sam, Taylan and Dante

We made a basketball court. We were curious about how we can make the basket ball court good. We used boxes, we needed paper and we used tape. To win you have to throw it in the hoop if you get it in there you get tickets. We are proud of our work because we made our basketball court good.

– Erva, Armani and Ekam

We made a carnival. We were curious about how to make the games even more hard. To make it we used cardboard, balls, ribbons, glue, paper and tape. You throw the ball in the hole and if you get it in the hole you get a prize. We were proud of the prizes because the prizes look cool.

– Zander, Fabiana and Vanshika

We wanted to make an app because we were curious about iPad games. We made a Bloxels map game. We created this because Bloxels doesn’t have much things in it so we made custom blocks. We needed an iPad. We made a level that teaches you how to play and the main goal is to finish the game by attacking enemies and jumping on blocks. We are proud of the levels we made and that they were really hard.

– Ilbron and Amir

We made basketball because we were curious about playing basketball onside without running around.We used cardboard boxes, string, tape, balls and paper. To win you need to get 20 balls in the hoop. We were proud of our game because we invented and a awesome basketball game.

– Cihan, Nullah, Mr M and Savannah