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1D Authors write procedures

Hi everybody,

In 1D we have been working hard in reading and writing sessions to learn about procedures. Procedures are texts that teach the reader how to do something.

We read lots and lots of procedures, and we learned procedures have a title, goal, ingredients, equipment and steps. We also learned each step starts with a bossy verb and sometimes adverbs too. For example, a step could be: Cut the cucumber, and ‘cut’ is a bossy verb. It could even be Carefully cut the cucumber, and ‘carefully’ is an adverb.

Last week, we had a go writing procedures about how to make a lunch that we chose. It took the whole week! Little by little, our procedures came together, on Friday we published, and here they are! Each one is different from the others, because each student chose their own lunch to write about. I hope you enjoy reading them and why don’t you try following a procedure for your next lunch?


Aren’t these procedures fantastic?

Thanks for reading our blog! Please leave a comment below and Mrs Phillips will approve it so everyone can see it.

1D and Mrs Phillips

1D asks questions!

Hi everyone!

1D is doing a fantastic job of showing the school values in remote learning.  Here are some things I have noticed:

Responsibility – by saying good morning in the chat at 9am

Teamwork – by learning with others on webex

Achievement – by trying our best to learn new things from videos and having a go

Respect – by caring for others (keep reading!)

In reading and writing, we have been learning how to ask questions. We have learned to use questions starters, such as WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY and HOW.

Here is some of our writing from today. Our task was to write a question to someone we haven’t seen for a while.

Please read them, and if someone asked you a question, we would love you to answer it. Post your comment, and if you can’t see it, that’s ok. I need to check comments to approve them , so it will probably come up tomorrow.

Vanessa, when I was little I liked to play with barbies and dollies. Now, I’ve been enjoying kicking around a soccer ball at the park close to my house. What is your favourite toy, Vanessa?

Hi Elona,

My favourite animal is the rhinoceros.

I want so be safe online, so I won’t give out information like my birthday here, but I will tell you on showbie.

I chose to be a teacher because I love watching kids learn and kids are so much fun! 🙂

Next week, we will think about questions when we are doing maths. What question will help me find out the information I want to know?

In CBL, we have had some great fun doing lots of experiments, and we know that scientists are always asking questions! As we starting designing something that uses power, we will need to ask questions to test our designs and reflect on how they can be improved. I can’t wait to post photos of our designs!

Mrs Phillips and  1D

1D end of term 2

Hi everybody!

We are super proud of our writing, because we are doing a great job of writing narratives. Narratives are stories that have a beginning, a problem and a solution.

Here  is an example of a narrative from our class, and a photo of our class book full of our published narratives.

We also want to share with you how hard we have been working on our high frequency words or sight words! Every morning while we wait for everyone to get to school, we practise our words.
Here are some photos.

In reading, we have been doing reader’s theatre which is when we make a show with costumes. We did 3 little pigs and Jack and the beanstalk. We used our iPads to help know our lines and to know whose turn it was. We also had grade 1 kids and teachers come to listen and watch our performance of Jack and the Beanstalk on the last day.

Thanks for reading our class blog of the end of term 2. On Showbie and in our bags if we came in the last day or two we have some home learning to keep practising over the holidays.

We hope you have a nice holiday and get to eat some cupcakes.

1D and Mrs Phillips

Thank you from 1D!

Dear parents and carers,

As you know, we are back at school. We have kept going with all our learning back at school, and are very proud to share that we never stopped because we worked hard at home.

We know that you helped us to keep learning, so we want to say THANK YOU for all your help.

We hope you enjoy our writing below about why we are thankful.

1D and Mrs Phillips

What we are proud of in 1D

We all feel very proud about our learning from home! Today in writing, we had some time to reflect on all of the exciting learning experiences we have had from home.

Here is what we are proud of:


Thank you for sharing what you are proud of so the community can be proud too.

If anyone who is reading this blog feels proud to, leave us a post below!

Enjoy your weekend.

1D and Mrs Phillips

Term 2 with 1D: What a start!

As you all know, we have been learning from home these past two weeks. We have learned a lot about showbie, and are doing our best to watch videos and do learning from home.

In term 1 we learned a lot about community, and in this blog post we would like be kind to others in our community even if we can’t see each other at school.

Here is some of our writing written to our teachers, support staff and other workers in our school community.  There were some wonderful messages that could not be added as a photo so I have typed them below.

“Hello Miss Jelsie, I will see you at school on *date*. Stay safe Miss Jelsie.” Krisha

“Hello Miss McCurry, I haven’t met you in a while, I hope you come back. I love you Miss McCurry” Simran

“Hi Miss Mills, I miss you. I hope to see you back at school”. Samr

“Hello Miss HB, hope you are having a good holiday. You are very good at art. You are a good teacher” Yuvraj.

“Hello Miss HB, your art class is so much fun. My favourite class was when we made the egg. I had fun decorating the eggs with toothpicks. Thank you Miss HB.” Clara.

“Hello Miss C, are you ok? I hope you are having a good holiday. I can’t wait to come back to school so we can have heaps of fun with you. Thank you for being so kind and fun” Jaime

“Hello Samr. I miss you. How was your holiday? Did you have fun? At home I am feeling happy to do drawing.” Rabtej

We hope you feel cared for by these messages. Post below if you  would like to say something back!

1D and Mrs Phillips

1D learning weeks 7-8

Hi all,

Here is an update of some things keeping us very busy!


Our class has community meetings every week. We always

  1. Greet
  2. Share
  3. Reflect
  4. Problem-solve

Here is a photo of our student voice action leaders asking the kids what they would like to see more of at school. Students shared their ideas, and our leaders wrote down the answers. They are going to take this to a meeting with all the other student voice action team members form grade 1 and Mrs Stewart.

Another way we practised using our voice was by voting for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in a colouring competition. Here are the winning pictures, now on display on our windows. Well done to the winners!

Mini athletics

Because athletics day was cancelled, we decided to have our own small grade 1 competitions. We got to play these games below:

  • Builders and bulldozers

  • Obstacle course

  • Fruit salad

  • Tunnel ball


Below is a photo of our honour roll for reading. This week we celebrated 6 students who have read 25 nights already in grade 1!

Make sure you keep reading and recording your reading in the yellow log book. We will watch the honour roll grow longer and longer!

2 moments in 1D

1D community agreement

This is our community agreement. It has the things we believe are important for us to have a safe time learning together. We put our hand prints on it in paint as a sign that we promise to do these things.

In CBL, we decided to take our thinking further, and to improve our agreement even more. So now, it says, we look out for others “especially new people”. And when we promise to come to school every day, we added “and do our best!” We also added that we believe everyone should have a friend to play with.


Here are some photos of us practising our spelling in fun new ways! We played “beat the clock”, used magnetic letters, play dough, and mini whiteboards to practise. At the end, we wrote our focus words in our blue dictionaries where we can collect words as we learn them.

As you can see, we are keeping to our classroom agreement by having fun with our learning!

This is an easy activity to practise spelling at home!

Step 1: Choose a tricky word from your home reader

Step 2: Find somewhere safe to use play dough (a table with a plastic tablecloth, or on the tiles on the floor)

Step 3: Make your word over and over!

Step 4: Say your word and put it in sentences.

You will learn new words in no time. Don’t forget, a good learner has to go into the learning pit to learn new things!

Happy spelling.


1D first few weeks!

Dear families of 1D,

We are writing this blog to share with you some of the thingst we have done so far this year. Enjoy the photos!

Here we are writing and drawing things about ourselves so we can find others who have things in common and make friends.

In this photo, the students are doing some work about how to use the toilets respectfully. 

We have set up our classroom library and have monitors to help us keep it neat and tidy. We went to the library to collect books we like, fiction and nonfiction.

In the photos below, we held a straw contest to practise showing teamwork. We had lots of fun!! We tried different challenges, like sitting down, walking around the room, and hold the straw carefully between us.

In this photo below, we are making posters about ourselves to get to know each other.

Hula hoops can help us show teamwork too! We helped each other by lifting the hula hoops and giving each other tips when we tried to get the hula hoop all the way round the circle!

This is Dina the Dinosaur! She is our class mascot. We take turns to take her home for the weekend on Fridays.

This is most of our community, including Mrs Phillips on the right and Ms Jelsie on the left.

On Safer Internet Day we learned how to be careful online.

In maths, we read “Maisie goes camping” and then we made our own tents to see how many maths resources fitted inside before they popped! We had to count lots of resources.

We have also learned a lot about the School Wide Positive Behaviour matrix and how to show these behaviours at school, we have set up our word wall, we have had a go using beebots, we have celebrated our class goal with a disco party, we had a class picnic and so much more.

School is fun! Our school rocks!

From 1D

1C dioramas about environments

We researched a habit we were curious about and we made a diorama to show what it is like and what animals live there. Can you guess which habitat each of us chose?

Next, we started thinking about what problems happen in the environment, like fire, deforestation, littering and water pollution.