Term 3 in 1G!

And just like that Term 3 is finished. We have had an awesome Term, learning from home and have tried our best with all of our learning. We learnt about so many different things this term.


In literacy this term we have been learning all about procedural texts and fables. We learnt the structure of procedural texts and also that great procedural texts contain verbs and adverbs. Then we had a go at writing our own texts about a lunch we made ourselves. We have just started learning about fables and how every fable has a moral.


We have covered so many things in maths this term. We have learnt about skip counting, measurement, money, patterns, halves and we’re even starting to learn about time. It has been great to try lots of different things to help our brains get smarter and smarter.


CBL has been lots of fun this term. We have been learning about all of the different types of power and how we use power every day. We even became engineers, designing and building our own designs that use power.

Well-being Friday’s

In the last few weeks we have started doing some wellbeing activities each Friday to practice self regulation and good wellbeing activities. We have reflected  on our strengths and have been able to monitor how we are feeling throughout the day. We have also done some really fun activities over WebEx like today’s cooking activity.

Have a safe and fun holiday.

From 1G!

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