Week 5 and 6 in 1G

Hello everyone,

In 1G we have been working really hard and we finished our dioramas! Yay!!

Can you guess what our favourite environments were that we researched about and then collaborated with our partners and made?

‘I am proud that I took turns’ – Mirac

‘I am proud that I listened to my partners ideas’ – Mikayla

‘I am proud that I tried my best to make an environment’ – Savain

The last 2 weeks the grade 1’s have been using their knowledge of environment and their 5 senses in their writing!

1G created a class rubric for our ‘Special Places’ writing so we knew what to include to make it 3 star and practiced a lot throughout the 2 weeks. We challenged ourselves to add details to help our readers visualise, include connectives in our writing, draw a picture that matched our writing and even use different sentence starters.

Below is a little bit of a look to see the great work we have done so far:

We used our finished dioramas (which we are really proud of!) to help inspire our writing.

Next week we will spend time on finishing off our great writing and publishing it to share with all the grade 1’s, our families and our friends.

What is your favourite ‘special place’ or ‘special thing’?

From 1G

CBL Learning in 1B

In CBL we have been learning how to use the internet to safely and responsibly research information. We all chose a place we were curious about and used key words and safe searching to find information. Using our information we created shoe box diorama, using natural and craft materials to show our habitats.

  • “Environments can be places where things operate or live” – Zander
  • “The ocean is light at the top and dark at the bottom” – Mars
  • “There are lots of animals in the rain forest such as monkeys and cheetahs” – Sanaree
  • “In the savanna all the plant aren’t getting water so they die” – Sam

We have also been investigating problems in the environment. Together we read ‘The Lorax’ by Dr Seuss. In the story, the Onceler cut down all of the Truffla Tree’s to create ‘Thneeds’, he kept cutting until no trees were left. We realised that this wasn’t just happening in the book but also in real life.

We began thinking about different problems in our environment, such as littering and wasting water, and how we can help to fix them.

  • “People are cutting down trees and to help the problem we can grow another one” – Beray
  • “People are littering and we can pick up the rubbish so we can make the earth clean” – Vanshika
  • “People are kicking rocks and there might be ants on it and we might be killing all of the ants” – Taylan
  • “Throwing rocks in the ocean because it might hit the fish or animals and they might get hurt” – Rabani

1C dioramas about environments

We researched a habit we were curious about and we made a diorama to show what it is like and what animals live there. Can you guess which habitat each of us chose?

Next, we started thinking about what problems happen in the environment, like fire, deforestation, littering and water pollution.



Habitat Dioramas

Hi everybody,

It’s been a couple of weeks since we shared with you, so we thought we would write to you all about what we are learning.

In CBL we began researching safely online about our habitat. We looked at what living things lived there and what the environment looked like. We then used this information to design and create dioramas on our chosen habitat.

We used materials such as: shoe boxes, paper, scissors, bark, leaves, planets, rocks and sand.

We had so much fun making them and we are so proud of the end results.

Here are some things we noticed and learnt:

“Some of us did the forest, under the sea, park and the zoo.” – Abhinav

“We have been trying our best to make it look perfect.”-Aylin 

“We wrote ‘for kids’ at the end to make sure it was safe.” –Rossie

“We have been spending a lot of time on these dioramas.” –Zach 

“I put lots of sea creatures like the Rainbow Fish, jellyfish and pearls in my dioramas.” – Amreet

Here are some pictures of them:


Thank-you for reading.

From 1F and Miss McCalman

1H – Habitat Update

Hi Everyone!

In our last blog post we explained that we were making habitats in shoe boxes based on our research. We promised that we would share our habitats with you once they were completed. We are so excited to tell you that they are finished! We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures below of our AMAZING habitats.

Can you look closely and guess which habitats we have made?

1E’s Learning This Term

Hi Everyone,

We’ve had a busy start to the term with lots of learning happening, but we thought we’d share all the exciting things happening in our classroom at the moment!

The learning we’ve done in writing has been on poetry and using adjectives to describe things that help our reader visualise.

We’ve been learning all about measurement and capacity, visiting the sandpit and using rice in the classroom to help us understand how much different containers can hold:

We’ve also been learning all about the environment in our CBL lessons and some of our learning is now on display outside the classroom, where we learnt about the environment in the text Tom Tom, so make sure you have a look when you get the chance!

Our emotional literacy learning is also on display inside the learning neighbourhood as well, where we read the text Mr Huff and learned about how we can cope with our emotions. We’re all really proud of how our work turned out!

In our next blog, we’ll be showing how our dioramas turn out when we create habitats of different animals in them!




Hi Everyone,

We have been  doing so much great learning in the last couple of weeks.

In Maths we have moved onto looking at Capacity. We learnt this week that capacity means how much something can hold. It was so much fun because we got to experiment out in the sandpit. We used different sized containers to see how much they all could hold.

Here are somethings we noticed:

“The biggest container was able to hold the most”- Amreet

“Don’t put too much sand in or it might break”- Bailey

“Sometimes I didn’t fill it up enough so I had to go back”- Kalyani

“It was so much fun filling up the biggest container”- Rossie

“Some containers had holes so it kept coming out”- Viraj

We’ll keep you updated over the next couple of weeks with more of our learning 🙂

Thank-you for reading

From 1F and Miss McCalman



Hi everyone!

The past few weeks in maths we have been learning all about measurement.

We started off by exploring lengths of different objects using informal units. We compared objects around the classroom the see which was bigger or smaller and then used classroom objects to measure.

Next we investigated mass. We used hefting to decide which objects were heavy and light. We explored how the size and material used to make an object doesn’t mean that it is heavier and lighter than another. “The big paper is bigger than the book but the book is heavier” – Sam

Lastly we learnt about capacity.That means how much an object can hold. We started our instigation by going to the sandpit and comparing the capacity of different containers.

1G back again for more great learning!

Hello everyone,

1G has had such a great time in CBL exploring different environments!

We have been practising using the internet safely to get information about different habitats! A habitat is an environment where a person, animal or thing lives. We were looking at appropriate websites, choosing safe websites and what key words we can use that give us the best results to find what we are looking for!

‘I know I need to write “for kids” at the end of what I am searching for’ – Alizeh

‘We need to make sure we only use safe websites that are for kids’ – Thaissa

‘We need to make sure we don’t share our names or where we live with people we don’t know online’ – Indy

We then used our knowledge on how to use the internet safely to get information about different habitats

‘There are different coloured coral that lives in the ocean’ – Aamina

‘Ladybugs live in plants and trees’ – Sebastian

‘lizards and camels live in the desert’ – Charmi

Using the things we learnt about our chosen environments we worked really hard by ourselves or with our partners to create a plan which we then followed to create our own realistic habitat!

Here is a little sneak peek of what our shoe box environments look like:

We will post pictures again when they are all done so keep your eye out for them!

A big thank you to all the parents who brought in shoe boxes for us to use to make our environment dioramas with!!



We Are Mathematicians

Hi again,

Over the past two weeks we have been working really hard to be great mathematicians.

We have explored how to share things equally between different groups and what happens if they have some left over (remainders).

‘I’m using the blocks to make sure i’ve shared them with all of them’ – Efe

‘There are some left over, so i’m going to put these to the side’ – Sanjam

We have also been exploring capacity and working out which container has a greater capacity. The students predicted which would hold more, before using cups to fill each container, deciding if their prediction was correct or not. They made some great observations in the process:

‘This container is thin but hold more than the fat one’ – Jacob

‘My container (round) holds more than that one (square)’ – Waseem


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